Jul 042008

Probably not the last, but at least the final post about the seminar i want to use for summing up the formal structure / tasks and preparing the questions about the examination.

The tasks are listed at the seminars webpage.

Task #1 „How about yourself?“ you can find at the post „expectations and experiences“.

Task #2 „What is e-learning?“ you can find at the post „about e-learning and education“.

Task #3 „Select a picture“ and Task #4 you can find at the post „Task #3 and #4“.

Task #5 „Skype session“ you will find a post about at „todays skype session“.

Task #6 „learning enviroments“ you can find at the post „about my learning enviroments“.

Task #7 „online session and learning enviroments“ you can find at „todays skype session“.

Task #8 „learning theories“ you will find results of at the seminars wiki.

The examination:

The questions we can choose from are the following:

Possible Questions/Topics

2. How did the Blog influence your Learning?
a. What was the biggest Problem with the Blog?
b. What was the best related to working with a blog?

3. What is the most valuable content in your Blog and why?

4. Explain how you worked with your blog.

5. Which other Blog did you like best and why?
a. Did you read the other Blogs?

6. Was there a differece to other seminars because of the blogs?

7. How could you connect content from this seminar to the rest of your studys?

8. Will you try to keep your Blog in the future?
a. If yes for what kind of purposes?

I am going to prepare for the 2nd, the 3rd an 6 because i was not connecting that much with the other blogs, so i could not answere question 5. less simple than: „I was not investing that much time to read a lot in other blogs“. This is a pitty, but there are other things for me to do beneath this seminar, and i just looked shortly on other peoples content, as i was also mentioning in my post „one comment and a lot of time“.

Question 4 is less interesting for me than the one choosen, the same with question 8.

Just question 7 is connected to the 6th, so probably i will mix it a bit in between.

By the way i still have not figured out when to make this meeting / examination. I will write Ralf a comment about this 😉

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  1. […] to tomorrow, cause I still have to do a presentation for my spanish course, in spanish I am also like Hauke not sure if we shuold do the oral examination tomorrow or with Ralf in a individual meeting, but it […]

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